Chateau Nue

This collection draws inspiration and is told through hedonistic insanely rich kids seen partying all night, kissing and fucking and drinking and smoking and snorting all the substances they can and will get their hands on before the sun rises - just to do it all again when the sun starts to set.

The Chateau Nue collection reflects upon kids who try to find love but are unable to, and so they drown themselves in substances to replicate the high feeling of love and euphoria, to feel numb to everything else that is painful and to fit in.

The Chateau Nue is a fictional location meant to portray a classic country club where the elites mingle, away from the reality of the world, and it happens to also be where their kids would spend most of their days playing sports before sneaking out at night.

The collection is designed to replicate a country club’s exclusive lifestyle merchandise mixed with the rich kids’ careless lifestyle of hedonism - hence the kiss marks and handwriting “Let me fall out of love before you fuck me”.